Does Not Guarantee an MLS Team

SoccerCity doesn’t provide any guarantee that San Diego will be awarded a Major League Soccer (MLS) team. Quite the opposite. The whole thing is just an idea conceived with the hopes of enticing the MLS to choose San Diego for an expansion team.

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FS Investors wants you to think that some of their partners are “BFFs” with the league commissioner, Don Garber, and that this alone makes the San Diego bid a slam dunk. But San Diego didn’t even make the first round of cuts!

And regardless of who Nick Stone and Mike Stone rub elbows with on the weekends, the reality is that the odds of San Diego being selected are not in our favor, to put it gently. After all, several cities are much, much further along in the stadium development process than San Diego and would be able to mobilize much more quickly. Sacramento, for example, is literally ready to put shovels in the ground.

Why You Should Vote No on SoccerCity

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