Does Not Guarantee a River Park

The much-touted River Park looks wonderful in the SoccerCity project renderings, but it will likely never become a reality. The fine print of the initiative shows that FS doesn’t have to even build the park, and if they do build it, it only has to remain a park for 99 years, after which time the land can be developed.

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It’s clear from the initiative language that FS Investors plans to shift the burden of securing state and federal permits and constructing the park to the City of San Diego and taxpayers, rather than building it themselves.

And “park” may be an optimistic term for what this land will resemble, if it is ever built. According to the SoccerCity plans, much of the River Park area would likely be covered in weedy retention basins for most of the year – not the green grass and open promenades featured in the project renderings.

Why You Should Vote No on SoccerCity

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