Extreme Gridlock

SoccerCity will turn Mission Valley and surrounding communities into Traffic City, creating perpetual gridlock throughout central San Diego. In terms of traffic impacts, SoccerCity’s proposed population is the equivalent of constructing a city nearly the size of Solana Beach in the heart of Mission Valley – all without a single major traffic improvement. All told, SoccerCity will more than double even the Chargers game day traffic, with nearly 97,000 car trips EVERY DAY.

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What does this mean?

  • SoccerCity traffic was grossly underestimated in the FS Investors report. The truth came to light after an independent study by SANDAG revealed that the amount of traffic generated by SoccerCity will be more than 35 percent greater than what was presented in FS Investors’ traffic study.
  • FS Investors intentionally avoided using standard traffic study protocols, underestimating their traffic impacts to mislead the public and avoid footing the bill for critical mitigation measures. FS Investors cheated on the study area, ignoring and refusing to study numerous areas that will be impacted by their project.
  • FS Investors' traffic analysis does not meet the City of San Diego or California Environment Quality Act (CEQA) standards in several key areas. Their plan proposes shifting all responsibility for funding, permitting and constructing traffic improvements to the City of San Diego and taxpayers.
  • The result is a lot more money in the pockets of wealthy private equity investors and a lot more burden on taxpayers and the City.

The fine print

  • The impacts of SoccerCity on Friars Road are so significant that more than 27 percent of traffic is expected to avoid Friars Road and use other roadways, diverting traffic from freeways to local communities. FS Investors’ Transportation Report stated only about half as many commuters – 16 percent – would cut through surrounding communities.
  • Several additional roads in Mission Valley and the surrounding communities of North Park, Kensington, College Area and Serra Mesa would suffer failing levels of service caused or contributed by SoccerCity.
  • Following City of San Diego standard rules and procedures governing traffic studies, at least 18 road segments in these communities should have been included in the study area in the FS Transportation Report and were ignored.
  • Of these segments, ten segments would have additional unmitigated impacts.

No Environmental Review

Extreme Gridlock

Land Grab

Back Room Deal

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