No Public or Environmental Review

As a ballot initiative, FS Investors is taking advantage of a loophole in the law to bypass all of the traditional environmental and public review processes, including the development of a comprehensive environmental impact report (EIR) pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

The bottom line is that bypassing the CEQA process in this way ultimately leaves the City on the hook for FS Investors’ fatally flawed proposal. In doing so, it presents very serious financial ramifications for the City and the community, using fearmongering tactics as a ruse to secure one of the largest land giveaways in San Diego history at the public’s expense.

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What does this mean?

  • The City of San Diego and taxpayers will be left on the hook to mitigate all of the impacts to the environment, traffic and surrounding communities as a result of SoccerCity.
  • As detailed in the initiative, SoccerCity places financial and managerial responsibility on the City for a number of key items, including traffic improvements and state and federal permits for the River Park, to name a few.
  • The analyses conducted by FS Investors’ consultants in no way compare to those that would have been required by CEQA and/or throughout the course of the City of San Diego’s entitlement process.
  • The engineers who prepared the analyses included as appendices to the initiative and specific plan did not follow the CEQA guidelines whatsoever, and no public input was gathered or included in their plans.
  • Third-party review of the SoccerCity analyses reveal startling deviations from standardized methodologies for reviewing potential development impacts.
  • For example, the initiative’s traffic analysis makes unprecedented deviations from the City of San Diego’s standardized traffic analysis methodologies, which exist to ensure all projects are evaluated in a consistent and objective manner.
  • The extent of this deviation was made clear after SANDAG performed an independent study of traffic impacts from SoccerCity and found that that the amount of traffic generated by SoccerCity will be more than 35 percent greater than what was presented in FS Investors’ traffic study.

The fine print

  • FS Investors prepared its ballot measure with no public input, utilizing the ballot measure process as a way to circumvent preparing an EIR and removing the vital independent review that environmental analysis normally provides.
  • The measure is written to give FS Investors alarming leeway with no accountability to the community planning groups, Planning Commission, City Council, and, ultimately, the community.
  • In fact, if approved, the public can’t amend or change SoccerCity – even by a public vote – for at least two decades.

No Environmental Review

Extreme Gridlock

Land Grab

Back Room Deal

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