Back Room Deal

SoccerCity was developed in secret and designed to maximize profits, not public benefits. The FS approach of ignoring public input has been attempted several times in San Diego, and the voters have rejected it each time because it is a deceptive shortcut.

The SoccerCity investors can’t be trusted – they are constantly changing their story, pushing for back room deals and exploiting loopholes to increase their own bottom line. This initiative should be called SuckerCity, not SoccerCity, because FS Investors must think we’re all suckers if they expect us to support such an obviously flawed plan.

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What does this mean?

  • The investors have consistently moved the goal posts on the MLS deadline for a decision on the future of the Mission Valley stadium site, adjusting the urgency to align with the political landscape.
  • FS Investors is taking advantage of a loophole in state law to bypass the environmental and traffic impact review process. The state legislature is currently working to close this loophole because it is an abuse of the public process.

The fine print

  • FS Investors spent more than a year behind closed doors developing their flawed plan and never once asked for public input on one of the City’s most valuable pieces of land.

No Environmental Review

Extreme Gridlock

Land Grab

Back Room Deal

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