Public Land, Public Benefit is a bipartisan coalition of San Diego taxpayers, community planners, local businesses and community advocates who believe that public land should provide a public benefit, not just an obscene profit to a group of rich investors.

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SoccerCity is a "lose, lose" for taxpayers, San Diego State University and the City of San Diego. 

The initiative put forth by FS Investors is shrouded in the shiny object of “soccer.” But the details show that everyone loses with this proposal, except the wealthy investors who stand to make hundreds of millions of dollars. The bottom line is that SoccerCity is a bad deal for San Diego and, as an initiative, the plan can’t be changed if it is approved. That’s why we need to vote it down, or else we’ll be stuck with it – no matter how big the issues are now or in the future.

President Pro Tem Barbara Bry, San Diego City Council

“The detrimental effects of this fatally flawed initiative will create issues for generations to come in Mission Valley and surrounding communities. For the sake of our future and our children and grandchildren, SoccerCity must be rejected in November.”

William Lynch,former chairman of the Lincoln Club of San Diego County

“SoccerCity was developed in secret, exploits loopholes in the law, and bypasses the normal and necessary process for maximizing public benefits. We need to advance a project for the Mission Valley stadium site that benefits all San Diegans, not a project like SoccerCity that benefits only a few investors.”

Richard Miller, Sierra Club Development Associate

“SoccerCity is environmentally damaging, ballot box land planning. Sierra Club opposes development proposals like SoccerCity that use the initiative process to bypass environmental review and convert
public land to private profit.”

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